All-Inklusive DOC Defibrillator

Das Komplett-Set für Laienhelfer*innen inklusive Einweisung, Schulung und automatischer Notruffunktion.

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DOC Defibrillator und Ihre Vorteile

  • Automatisierte Sprachführung

    Where do I place the electrodes? What should I bear in mind when performing cardiac massage? And how do I deliver a shock? With its integrated voice guidance , the Almas lay defibrillator offers first responders reliable support until the emergency services arrive .

  • Im Notfall gut ausgerüstet

    The integrated first aid accessories consisting of a carrying unit in a box , bandages, safety vest and professional ventilation mask optimally complement the DOC lay defibrillator and offer reliable protection in an emergency.

  • Automatische Notruffunktion

    In an emergency, the Almas DOC defibrillator automatically connects to the emergency services. This is a significant relief for first responders who are alone on site .

  • All-Inklusive Defibrillator

    In addition to the automatic emergency call function, the DOC complete set includes professional instruction and training by our qualified employees in accordance with the Medical Device Operator Ordinance (MPBetreibV).

  • Kostenfreie sicherheitstechnische Kontrolle (STK)

    According to §11 MPBetreibV, AEDs must undergo a safety inspection (STK) every two years by trained specialists. This inspection is included in the overall package at Almas and is absolutely free of charge.

  • Tägliche Funktionsprüfung

    To ensure that the DOC is ready for use, we carry out functional tests every day. This means that problems can be identified as quickly as possible and resolved proactively at any time.

  • Service und Wartung

    From replacing batteries or electrodes to a complete failure – our technical service will contact you as soon as possible to arrange an on-site appointment to check your DOC defibrillator and resolve the problem .

  • Automatische Diagnose

    The Almas DOC defibrillator automatically detects whether the electrodes are correctly attached, reads the ECG and makes the diagnosis. The device only issues a request to trigger the electric shock if potentially fatal ventricular fibrillation is present .

  • Speziell für Laien-Anwender*innen entwickelt

    Short, concise voice instructions, automatic emergency call function and child’s play to use – the Almas DOC defibrillator (AED) guides laypeople without medical expertise step by step through the resuscitation process in a targeted and safe manner.

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Automatische Verbindung zum Rettungsdienst

  • Der einzige Defibrillator, der sich automatisch mit dem Notruf verbindet

    DOC is a lay device that is equipped with an emergency call function. Instead of dialing the emergency number and explaining your location, the DOC defibrillator takes over this task all by itself. In the meantime, you as the first responder can take care of the most important task: saving someone else’s life.


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DOC sagt Ihnen, ob ein Schock benötigt wird

  • Automatische Diagnose

    The defibrillator performs an ECG to determine if an electric shock is needed. If it is not needed, you cannot defibrillate someone with the DOC.

  • Automatisierte Sprachführung durch jeden Schritt

    In addition to the emergency services, the integrated voice guidance supports you in using the defibrillator. DOC explains how to place the electrodes, perform cardiac massage and how to deliver the shock.

    You can’t do anything wrong while you wait for the paramedics to arrive.

  • Einweisung und Schulung

    In addition, you will receive professional instruction and training with one of our trained paramedics in accordance with MPBetreibV (2 hours).

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